Updating the jar file

However, the key difference is that you can update the raw data and recompile the jar at any time.Firstly, download the latest version of the data files from tz database.Creating a JAR file – more Options A jar file is created using jar tool.The general command looks somewhat like this: The options of jar command are almost similar to that of UNIX tar command.Executable Jar Files You can use the e option of jar command to specify the entry point of your program, ie.

Joda-Time also compiles the time zone data into our jar file.Here, is what a default manifest file looks like – The entries of manifest files are grouped into sections.Each section have two entries section name and its value.There shall be no more updates or bug fixes to Cold Fusion 10.For more information and dates, see the EOL matrix for Cold Fusion.

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Read the Cold Fusion team's blog for further information.

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